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Thread: Old Headz #2VVQVLCV - Level 14 clan seeking TH10-12

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    Old Headz #2VVQVLCV - Level 14 clan seeking TH10-12

    CWL: Masters III

    War Record: 280-193-6

    Old Headz is an active group of adult clashers founded in 2014. Respect and communication are a couple of our firm beliefs. Our members are predominantly in the United States but we also have members in Canada, the UK. Chat is English only.

    We are looking for solid th10+ war attackers. Both attacks must be used or you will sit the next war. You must sit if any of your heroes are upgrading but otherwise you are free to opt in or out of war.

    When you request to join say Blitz sent you
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    How many members are there in the clan

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