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Thread: Flame Trials |WAR|CWL|CG| Oriented Clan! Looking for Active Recruits!

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    Flame Trials |WAR|CWL|CG| Oriented Clan! Looking for Active Recruits!

    We are an aspiring clan in search of active members to help us grow and compete! We share strategies and plan on building a strong war lineup for back to back wars. Wars aren't required, but clan games are, every member is expected to chip in when it comes to our community. Elder can be earned by sticking with us, hitting consistently in war/maxing out clan games, and overall helping us progress. Donations are expected from th9 and up, if you don't have the troops/levels requested don't donate! My in game name is clan master - #20LYRC8P2 - I am a max th11, soon to head on th12 and will be glad to help out as much and as often as I can. Adults are ideal yet mature / not annoying teens are welcome. Solid unrushed bases are a big focus as we move into the later stages of the clan, th6+ desired. I hope to grow and advance with all of you! Reply with your tag and th level if interested, or send me an in game friend request, or request to join at Flame Trials #28JJV8PUP. See you there!
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    Sent you a DM in-game!

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    Cool man! I sent you an invite if you want to join.

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