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Thread: Attack Strategy for farming without heroes

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    Attack Strategy for farming without heroes

    My heroes are upgrading and i am currently farming in titan 2 so i want to know what are the most efficient farming strategies for th12 without heroes.

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    Edrags and loons. That would be my recommendation.
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    LaLoonion (Loonion) can work.
    Mass Dragon with good funneling and maybe some zapping on the A/Defs.

    my Hog blitz is less effective, but works when I do my 2nd attack after cashing in my Royals on a double down pair of attacks.

    and ofc Klav is spot on with Zaps and Loons. I believe this is a very popular option along with PEKKA smash even up to Leggy. at least in T2 u have the option to skip a base over if it looks sketchy for your load out.

    Read the base, you can usually spot a good entry point and hopefully get the TH in the wake of destruction.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Edrags and loons. That would be my recommendation.
    I agree with this. I'm hitting bases in legends with a king and my warden down for decent 2 stars.

    I go 8 edrags, 8 loons, 3 freezes rest rage with a stone slammer rage and loons in cc.
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