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Thread: Veteran clan looking to merge! 24 potential new members TH 12 and down!

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    Veteran clan looking to merge! 24 potential new members TH 12 and down!

    Hey guys Big Spencer here, I'm a leader with MiPowerHouse and we are exploring the possibility of merging our clan. We have had our numbers depleted the past year due to real life circumstances (New kids, deployments) and it's been a real struggle finding new recruits. (As I'm sure you all know) We have a great spread of TH strength from 12 on down and all of us are active and pretty skilled. We would love to have a clan join us BUT WE ARE DOWN FOR JOINING another clan of the right one presents itself.

    We've always maxed out our clan games, have 250+ war wins, CL II, and everyone donates without hesitation. Reason we are looking to merge is the majority of us have multiple accounts and with our numbers essentially down to 9 players it's getting a little lonely in our chat room.

    15-20 open spots. It's clear we won't be able to convince all accounts to move over but we're confident the majority will.
    A great clan name
    War 24/7. We love our wars and we don't miss attacks. 24/7 wars isn't a deal breaker but it's preferable.
    Okay with cursing. We're all adults in the clan who drop the occasional F bomb in the chat.
    PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO HAVE FUN. While we love kicking butt we are playing a mobile game, we love to have fun doing it.
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    The Land
    ClashWithDevils #2988JPQGL only level one and have 21 members but would love to have you guys to help us grow and become a strong clan

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    Beer O'clock

    Any one can join, Foxy Moron leader #22RL02PJ9
    For, you know, beer, chillin', clan games

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    I sent you a PM

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    old headz retirement home
    Hey if you are still clan hunting, check us out at old headz. Clan tag and website in signature. I would love to do some house cleaning to make room for you all.
    old headz - A place for adults to gather, chat, drink, and clash! Learn more about us at

    Find us in Clash: old headz (#2VVQVLCV). Adult clan for War and Clan Games.

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    Hey, if you're serious we are a successful cwl and clan games completing clan looking to boost members as we have lost 5 lately. Currently Crystal 2 for cwl and war regularly. I'll drop by for a chat.


    That's my id

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    Check Inbox

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    BigSpencer, I'd love to talk with you about my clan Sandy Littles #208GPPL8. Feel free to hit me up on discord, you can find me here: or just request to join in game and we can talk in-game. On paper the clan is "full" but we have several retired accounts that I would be able to clear out to make room for however many you would have join us.

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    Hello Spencer. I sent you a PM with more details and questions. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Clan: New Brits ~ Lvl 16 ~ UK/International ~ Adults Only
    Check out our Clan Recruitment Thread Here
    Questions about New Brits? Ask on Discord Here
    Questions not New Brits related? PM me or Message me on Discord Here
    TH 12 Lvl 173 Heroes: 52/50/20 #2VURP90QR
    TH9 Lvl 90 Heroes: 15/11 #YGRQLQYUY

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    Hi Spence,

    The advert below explains that we are looking to develop 10s and 11s because we feel that is the only way to build a solid group of 12s for the future. Every time we have loads of 12s, they get impatient with masters 1 believing they can go on to better things. That’s cool because everyone should play the game that they want but it leaves us rebuilding, and as you know it’s hard recruiting. Our clan is run by a group of 40 somethings and we have a cool vibe. Yes we swear but not at each other. We war constantly and we are in a decent league. We currently have 32. 3 are inactive and 2 more never war. That means we could make room for 23 new players and I believe that boost would bring a massive buzz about the game to both of our clans. Who know, we could be doing 30v30 together in the next cwl. Why don’t you send your mini over to spend a couple of days with us and get a feel of the place?


    We are a level 17 clan made up of mainly are mainly British adults. We love clashing and we love wars. We are constantly hitting up each other’s bases in friendly challenges and talking about best ways to beat bases. We give out lots of tips and encouragement so that we can improve each other along the way. And, if it goes wrong, we don’t slaughter each other! We also spend just as much time thinking about how to improve our own war bases too as strong defence half the battle. Our clan is all about the team game. We play to win because we love the competition. We have over 430 war wins and years of experience between us. We don’t have conflict, just friendly, focussed clashing with like minded people.

    Every new member brings that something new to the clan and we are looking for additions in our CWL team. Our latest focus is to develop TH10s and TH11s to get them to TH12 for a strong CWL line up eventually. All of our TH11s will be included in our next few CWLs to build experience and use medals to grow faster. If this means us dropping to Masters 2 it will only be temporary because our goal through this process is to eventually have a team of TH12s to take us to Champions. We understand the strategy required to do so. If you are friendly and team focused then come and grow with us today.


    ��War/war league focussed
    ��Top tier clan games achievers
    ��Great donators
    ��English speaking only
    ��Team players
    ��Friendly challenges, discord, tips
    ��No petty conflict



    ��Non rushed TH12/TH11/TH10
    ��Level 50+ heroes for TH12, Level 40+ for TH11, Level 30+ for TH10
    ��Level 11+ walls for TH12, Level 10+ for TH11, Level 9+ for TH10
    ��1000+ war stars for TH12, 750+ war stars for TH11, 500+ for TH10
    ��Ready for war when heroes aren’t upgrading
    ��Willing to earn promotion in good time
    ��Decent donator
    ��Eager to work as a team to win wars

    Don’t waste time getting insulted in bully clans or getting frustrated in disorganised clans. Join us and push for something better with a great bunch of like minded people.

    Please quote “SUPERCELL FORUM” when you request to join so that we know you’re not a spy, as we war continuously and they live amongst us. If you would prefer to apply through Discord, or even just come and ask a question, use

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