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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Like bh and get Otto is not an equivalent. I like bh. Getting hogs up to level is much more important than bm. Even a level 30 loves to sit under the crusher. I have a l26. Gets crushed just fine.
    Lv26 and lv30 are not the same. You can try a hero potion and see the result by yourself. I didn't compare hogs to BM, just saying maxing BM will get you better results if compared to upgrading a hero in MV 5 levels up. Many players drop BM last, or drop it far from the crushers. Any hero can die really fast if not used effectively.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPC View Post
    Why are you waiting to go to BH9? You should have upgraded immediately in June. Upgrade now! Then upgrade your mines/collectors to get the extra daily loot. Then add the new defenses to help you win battles. Then upgrade the things you need for Otto.
    Don’t upgrade your defenses, other than Mega Tesla (since you’re going for OTTO) and maybe Roaster to bh9 levels. Spend your gold on building your new defenses and upgrading your traps.

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