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Thread: Has anyone opened the final daily quest trunk yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    How often do you play the other two ? Fuel reset timer and Daly Quest reset timer are always the same ? You would be the first I heard that are not affected by this issue.
    I play them all the time. 😊 They’re my “feeder” farms. SC is adjusting the timers all the time it seems. It used to be that all my farms were affected by the glitch but for the last 2-3 days that hasn’t been the case with two. Yesterday, on both of them, the tasks renewed once.

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    I think I did it yesterday. I didn't know that there were only a set amount of boxes and when I ran out of dots and boxes I thought my game had screwed up. You can still do tasks after that happens I currently have 8 stacked up but no idea if I'll get credit for them. Since I didn't know it was the last box I didn't pay any attention to what was in it. Sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    Yes. And no it wasn’t anything “special”. Just the usual prizes that you get from a huge chest. I actually don’t remember what the prize in that particular one was, but one had earlier given me 25 diamonds.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bestajunior View Post
    Best I have gotten was 25 diamonds.
    Quote Originally Posted by PIXEL13 View Post
    The last one was not special for me. I did get 25 diamonds and 2 scrolls but they were in my earlier chests.
    Quote Originally Posted by JLSChook View Post
    I finished opening all the quests a couple days ago (I have the glitch too)....My last chest was 25 diamonds.
    Thank you for sharing the above. I think getting 25 diamonds from finishing all the daily quests is a great deal considering that our valleymates must capture 250 chickens and everyone must earn 1200 blue, 1200 red, and 1200 green tokens to get the top prize of 40 diamonds!

    My strategy is to do as many daily quests as I can within my fuel constraints and pick up any chickens on my journey but won't go out of my way to pick up chickens.

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    25 diamonds were in my last trunk, also 2x 13 diamonds earlyer in te game. Nice gift😊

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    My final trunk was 2 x 5 Star XP boosters - not bad but I would have preferred one scroll!
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    Final trunk-5 planks.

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    4 nails. Whoopty

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    Yep, 2 5 star boosters ....exact same ones ....Rose, who I never ever use.
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    My final trunk was 4 planks. Of all the trunks I opened, none had a permit or 25 diamonds. One trunk had 13 diamonds, and the rest were common things.

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