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Thread: Has anyone opened the final daily quest trunk yet?

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    Has anyone opened the final daily quest trunk yet?

    Just curious to know if anything really special is inside - it would be nice to be rewarded after the all hard work needed to get to open it. As it stands I will get to open it in 5 days time.
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    Yes. And no it wasn’t anything “special”. Just the usual prizes that you get from a huge chest. I actually don’t remember what the prize in that particular one was, but one had earlier given me 25 diamonds.

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    I've only missed maximum of 4 quests so far and I'm a way off so I'm dubious that anyone has opened it. Scratch that nobody can have opened it yet...

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    There is 84 dots on the quest path so that's 21 days of completing all 4 quests. Has 21 days passed in the valley yet I'm not sure. if I'm wrong I apologise profusely!

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    You are correct, but the funky timer reset of Daily quest could let one move more than 4 dots per day.

    I manage to get 3 sets of Daily Quest in one day once. Not enough fuel to do all though but it is currently possible.

    Way to catch up with the impossible quest. Slowing down, trying to get 1 more chicken (appears every 3 days for me) on those dots.
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    What's the funky timer reset? A glitch? Ok so I am sorry for doubting it if it is possible but my limited maths told me it wasn't possible but I wasn't aware of a glitch. As for the chickens I haven't even bothered with them the past few days as I am stuck in a valley full of people that aren't collecting them we have 69 and about 20 are mine lol.

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    So I say, supercell please make the chicken reward possible for any individual who strives for them it's not my fault that the strangers you put in my valley aren't collecting them!

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    Well done BG!

    i won’t be able to reach it because I didn’t get any double up task glitches and I got 2 days of ‘fix a truck’ but there weren’t any to fix, so I’m quite glad it’s just a nirmal trunk not exckusive deco.

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    Best I have gotten was 25 diamonds.

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    I have the glitch on some of my farms. But it only gives me a few minutes to complete the extra daily quests. And since it is at 2 am for me, I am either sleeping or not very alert, so I haven't really used this glitch much.

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