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    New fair play enforcement. Are all bots against policy?

    I use minion bot to be notified when war attacks happen. It's dosn't give me an unfair advantage in wars though. Will using minion bot get me banned? Are they talking about all bots or just certain bots? Thanks.
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    I imagine anything that changes the files of the game (I’m not completely sure if your particular bot does this) will likely be banned, as with Modders in the past were.
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    That's a Discord bot..
    A different kind of bot that SC was talking about.

    Discord bot has nothing to do with how you play the game. It's 100% legit.

    SC was talking about an automatic robot software that allows you to play 24/7.

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    Minion bot does most of its work on discord ; it's more a discord not than a clash bot really - I set up discord for my clan recently and looked at it but haven't got it working... it seems that it doesn't need a clash account or anything to work, and just makes use of information the clan puts out already?

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    i don't think people should be banned for using bot even bots need constant attention. its free play player choice. but SC can increase upgrade time of those players like 99 days or something. hacking for gems and resources, now thats a ban able mistake.

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    Cheating = ban , no compromise

    *here sc is not talking about discord bots

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    That bot is just pulling information from the API, not playing or interacting with your account so probably not.
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    Minion bot is fine because it is a discord bot not a clash bot. It modifies discord not clash, and discord is designed for this

    It gets some information from clash, but that's also fine because it is information SC deliberately publish through the API for external sites to be able to use
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    just throwing this out there. if they go retroactive, there will be numerous people who have maxed accounts that they bought which will be banned because they started off as bots. just imagine the river of tears, "i took over the account from my brother"... and those people will be doubly upset, because they actually bought the accounts from someone 😂

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    All answers are pretty much on the money , if you are unsure , please refer to the latest version of the terms and service found just at the bottom of the page .
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