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Thread: Can't pick up items in the lost corner!

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    Can't pick up items in the lost corner!

    I am having trouble with 7 spaces in the upper left corner of my farm. I know these spaces are usable. There is nothing visibly in the spaces but when I try to move something there it reds out like something is already there? Soooo.....I go to edit mode for that layout and its the same situation.

    When I went to my second layout I lifted everything with the pickup all buttons (lower right hand corner) and all the items disappeared but I still couldn't put anything there? So I cancelled it and went back into the same layout #2. I used the erase button at the bottom and picked up all but the 7 trees that correspond to the messed up spaces on my main layout. The button passes right over the trees. I also can't pick them up with my touchscreen and move or store them manually.

    Any idea what's going on? And if there is a workaround?

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    Screenshots might help clarify this.
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