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Thread: Balanced or Unbalanced? - The miners

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    Just for info, (although from May) AQ walk Miners attacks at TH12 :-

    Personally, I've often struggled with Miners, but like Hogs or Loon based attack strategies, pathing seems to be very important!
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    I've been seeing a few posts that say they can use a very small buff. They are close to the mark presently.

    Perhaps they should attack just a tad faster when they appear above ground? Or would a very small hp buff be better? Thoughts?

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    As TH10 I farmed TH9/low TH10 using miners;

    As TH11 I farmed TH10/low TH11 using miners;

    As TH12 I quite miners just because there are more reliable troops to do the job.

    I'm sure the X-bow buff few updates ago make them too weak against well developed bases.
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    Also note miner and hog attacks require, usually, a competent AQ walk, which has a high learning curve once you reach TH12 and start seeing bases built to stop AQ walk.

    So itís not really the miners or the hogs, itís how bases are built to combat pathing like putting defenses outside of walls and spacing buildings just enough to split hogs / miners.

    Respect defensive lay outs. Not every base is built to be hit by every attack. Bases usually have to opt for being anti lalo/miner/hog because those are the highest and reliable 3* attacks.

    Thereís a reason most people do PBB and eDrags, itís safer and a guaranteed high 2*.

    So technically, miners (and hogs and loons) are in a very good spot because thatís what bases are built to defend against.
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