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Thread: Balanced or Unbalanced? - The miners

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    Balanced or Unbalanced? - The miners

    A few months ago I contacted Supercell about miners being to weak at level 6. They told me to open a thread here.

    What took so long? Well, Iíve been seeing limited success with level 6 miners going up against th11s or rushed th12s.

    I found out the following:

    + spread out, and anti e drag bases are preferred
    + Single target infernos preferred
    - weak against grounded Xbows
    -- Skeleton traps slow them down and exposes them

    They also have the following abilities (other than digging):

    • immune to the troublesome tornado trap
    • often dodges the level 5 giga Tesla bomb
    • Forces the Single target inferno to recharge frequently
    • only 30 seconds to train each one - excellent for farming

    Over the past few month I have learned a lot about miners and instinctively attack specific bases that are weak to the composition; this is for th12v11 dip attacks, to keep in mind. I also use them to farm, as they train more quickly than most troops.

    So I ask the community, are they balanced or not balanced? Often times I find that they die extremely quickly to maxed th12 bases. On the other hand, they are arguably the best farming troop. Should they stay that way?
    1) I sometimes bring 30 wall breakers to my raids, no lie. Half the walls in the base are destroyed, all it takes is one, maybe 2 rages. Maybe they need a nerf instead of <insert troop here>?

    2) ďA picture is worth a thousand words.Ē A replay of an attack is worth a lot more.

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    I feel that they are at an ok level right now for war and can still pull off a 3-star with the right strategy on the right base. However, I am preferring hogs over miners right now so I guess it is only proper that metas shift constantly.

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    They are balanced. QC Miner is a really popular 3 star strategy used by pros at th12. It's a rather difficult strategy so you can't expect everyone to wreck bases with it.

    Mass miner in war is not as common, its pretty much replaced by mass hogs.There are some niche uses for miners for example with an Electrone but that depends heavily on the base layout.

    For miners its all about creating good pathing. You want them as a tight group and not spreading out too much.

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    Th10 , good at lvl3, with the right spells and placing

    Th11, still good alt lvl5 but a bit harder at some point to the high damage output of the th11 defences levels

    Th12, ok, but hard to 3 stars maxed th12, mostly 2 stars. E dragonloon works better.
    The difference between lvl5 and lvl6 miners is too small, I think an extra level is useful (just like the 2 levels at th11

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    Miners are definitely underpowered.... I made a thread a while ago before the last update and mentioned that miners are in the list of the potential troops that require buff.... the hardest impact on miners were a couple of updates back where SC buffed xbows and mortars, they do massive damage to miners (xbows point and mortar in splash),

    Id say a slight HP buff would make them viable again, I personally wouldav preferred if SC increased their speed but I think its very unlikely so a small HP buff should be good
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    Miners are not weak , they are fine now , no need of balance change *according to me*

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    I used miners at th10 (very successful) , th11(somewhat successful) but at th12 I am finding them that they are not as good as the defences at th12. Yeah I believe either a new level should be there or the current one should be balanced.

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    Currently m doing 2stars 65% to 85% with Queen walk miners!! Without my BK and GW😂😂....

    Iam a th12 farming at legends for maxing my heroes.. just 4 days to go for maxed BK and GW

    YEAH miners are kinda OP👊


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    Miners are becomming more and more useless. Yes some progamers use them. But for the normal casual player they are bad. They need good narow path.If you want to create good path for them you need good long QC.This takes too much time and miners are slow. They need some speed and be able to handle close targets faster.

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    As a heavy miners user i can tell you that their biggest problem is ground skeletons as miners AI is simply BAD.
    All miners will target same skeleton, so one skeleton trap can slow a group of 25 miners for several seconds....

    For example - when queen ability used or king ability used and archers/barbs spawn they target different skeletons each and clear the trap in a second. by they way same when group of bowlers triggers the skeletons trap, not all bolwers target the same skeleton one by one.
    I think that only miners have this (not to insult the developers, lets call it "strange") AI.
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