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Thread: TH13 New Spell Idea - Fog Spell

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    TH13 New Spell Idea - Fog Spell

    The fog spell is a 2 spell slot spell that impairs the vision of the defense. The effect of the fog spell is that it reduces the range of the affected defenses much like when you toggle your archer tower from long range to short range. The level of the fog spell determines how much range is reduced.

    The radius and duration of the spell can be adjusted to balance it out, but something like the rage spell radius and duration could work.

    How it could be used:
    1. Use fog spell on an air defense that is targeting your healers on a queen walk until she walks out of the normal long range. This could let you start a walk on a side with an AD 5 tiles deep if you burn a spell to do it.

    2. Use fog spell on an inferno in one of those box enclosures so the range is reduced to only inside the box keeping your troops temporarily out of range until you can deal with it.

    3. Use fog spell on wiz towers and mortars to keep witches and skeletons out of range.

    4. Use fog spell on bases that clump xbows together exposing their weakness

    While a freeze could achieve those things, it lasts a short time and stops damage. The fog spell lasts longer, covers more area, but doesn't stop the damage.

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    It ain't "new", this has been proposed many times in various ways.

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    I wouldn't doubt that lol. "New" meaning new addition to TH13
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    good idea and I like it

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