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Thread: Add animations to buildings under attack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luicetarro View Post
    Things like that will always come with the downside of increased data used.
    The more you want to be fancy (like several pictures of the damaged building per dmg-%, or animated stuff), the more it will blow up the needed space on your device. And not only for you, for everyone else. If they want/need this feature, or not. Some are starving for space and while 'some' would enjoy seeing a badly damaged archertower, that does finally succumb under the heavy fire, 'others' might get locked out of the game, due to memory-issues.
    And I hardly see an improvement, removing a part of the community, so I can keep ignoring sprites of towers, regardless of it's damage taken.
    I feel like this could be an option like dark sky, so if you want the feature you can opt it in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare1823 View Post
    I feel like this could be an option like dark sky, so if you want the feature you can opt it in
    And still you need the data alreadys stored on your device. Both clouds are on your phone. The dark sky got downloaded back then and you didn't even notice.
    Hence, now you have the option to choose.

    They could prolly make it available as optional download, so one can ask himself if such a d/l is needed for his gameplay and skip it in case, it's not.
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    The way the animations work in clash of clans is old technique but pretty solid one.

    In clash of clans each and everything that you see is a png file. ie an Image file. (Not heroes now that they are 3D object, but rest almost everything else)

    so whatever small movement you see in game, is a sequence of PNGs being played.

    In short:
    Frame by Frame animation at 8 fps.

    Adding more details and making animations more realistic would mean adding more minute PNGs.
    More PNGs means more storage space required.

    It would be a huge memory concern.

    What I want you all to do is:
    Check the cache data, and total size of clash of clans.

    I am on android and cache data is around 450 MB
    and total size of app is around 600 MB

    clash of clans is not the only thing installed on any device.

    So low end devices might face memory issues as pointed out by others.

    In future we may expect some more graphic improvements but for now, it is good as is.
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