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Thread: Is Crusher suppose to hit troops when they are outside walls?

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    Is Crusher suppose to hit troops when they are outside walls?

    If I remember correctly,there was an update which change how crusher works.
    But in my recent attack,crusher killed my troops even when they are outside the walls.
    These kind of things put me off from Builder Base.
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    Attacks them outside walls? Normal, but all the melee troops will intentionally walk into range and get squished instantly so who cares if it can or not? Yes Iím referring you you Battle machine.

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    It was a bug that was supposed to have been fixed in October 2017:

    But the fix never worked. There are tons of reports throughout 2018 saying the crusher is still hitting troops through walls and afaik SC never acknowledged it. I've definitely seen the crusher trigger and damage through a wall many times in the last 2 years.

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    Its not supposed to but it doesn't work correctly, just like many other stuff in the builder base

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