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    I have and old account and i want to know if i can get it back

    i know i can go on the ingame support and give the information of the account there, but i dont have all that i need. i tried searching in clash of stats but the last time i played on that account was around 2015, and the site doesnt show any information from that year. is there any place that shows old statistics ?

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    I wouldn't attempt to recover an account that you can't prove total ownership over. Supercell Support is not going to rely on some data that anybody can grab off an internet site. They are going to require taht you prove ownership with no question whatsoever, and if you can't (and from your description you can't), they're going to be suspicious of your attempt and could very likely ban you completely from the game across all accounts, permanently. Don't do it. Consider what's in the past in the past. You quit more than 5 years ago. Your account can't be anything you hold dear and it definitely falls far outside of the window for which the Terms of Service provide them to terminate your ownership. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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