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Thread: lvl 35 looking for an active neighborhood

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    lvl 35 looking for an active neighborhood

    I have now joined a neighborhood so concider this thread closed

    Hello, as stated in the title I am currently level 35 and am looking for an active neighborhood for pretty much the first time, the amount of playtime I have varies alot, depending (mostly) on work, but I would say I am active enough.
    I haven't really tried derby thingy that much (yet), main reason is that I haven't been in a neighborhood that has been that active at all, but it certainly is something I will try out for real, then I would be able to tell if I enjoy it or hate it.

    I am 22 years old from Sweden but do prefer international neighborhoods, I would really like a chatty hood, the ones I joined from the ingame list have all been very quiet in chat, I mostly only see when they throw out their help signs so the game sends out ''help'' message in chat, which I find pretty boring.

    Also, I do not know how much structure most hoods have, but I would like a hood that when asking for help, also adds a little text on what help they want, since the game only says ''my farm needs help!'' but doesn't specify in what, it's a pain (for me) to look over the entire farm if it is a boat order, truck order, town help, trees that needs reviving or in some cases maybe all of them?

    The plan is to join a new hood in like 5-6 days, because I just noticed I was added in the current derby so I kinda feel the need to help out before I leave it, feel free to ask me any questions you might have and to tell me some things about your neighborhoods, preferably IF you do meet any of the two things I am looking for, I will try to update this thread if I missed anything worth mentioning

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    Hi... i really read ur msg tho its too long but u caught my attention . Im a fulltime housewife. My co members are also working in the office but they can complete their tasks. If u want to visit our hood and try if it will satisfy u. We r helpers there.
    We r not that very serious players but we just enjoy playing. I dont want stressful game.. i always log in from time to time to check what the members need. I can answer all ur questions about the hayday coz i did that when im just starting to play. Dont worry. We will help u with ur tasks and also u can ask me tools if u need.
    DREAMERS #PCGL2RLR is our id tag. We r chatty there. I hope u will feel at home there 😍

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    Btw i want to be ur friend can u add me pls?
    Dewdrops #9YYYQVYLO thats meeeee😍

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    Hi 👋🏼 We are looking for new active users for our friendly neighbourhood here is our tag #QGPGU82 😀

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    We currently have 16 hood members and growing slowly (recruiting is hard work).

    Our leader never plays Derby so it's not a must, just opt out if you have a busy week ahead. Currently we have 8 people doing Derby most weeks. If you are in Derby it's 9x310 and 9x400 in special derby. 10th is up to you.♥ most weeks we finish top 3 with all available horse shoes.

    We are mostly Australian and US players at this stage. We all speak English. The entry level is currently set at 25. Most of us are over level 70.

    Chat is quieter then I would like, our previous hood was chatty and fun but we understand life gets in the way and things change. We do chat more then just asking for help. We are all very helpful and are happy to help you build your farm.

    So feel free to pop over if you haven't found your forever hood.

    Hood name BOO BEES

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    ROCKY RIVER FARMS ! #PYYL8VCC, we are a new neighborhood but looking for laid back players who like to help out, current levels are 46&47 , we accept members at level 28. We do participate in the derby but are not die hard and not every time. Come check us out!

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    BIG HAWKE’S NEST # PYCYPWO9 is a brand new neighbourhood looking for new neighbours to join. You can come check it out or look me up Lazy Farm

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    Hey! Don't know if you are still in the search for one but I and my friend have started a new neighborhood named MOO-LICIOUS, tag- #PPRRRV8R. We are friendly and helpful. Derby focused but no pressure at all. Opt in at your convenience. We are very active and love to help each other. We are an English speaking group. Do come by and check us out! 😁

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    BIG HAWKE’S NEST # PYCYPWO9 is a brand new neighbourhood looking for new neighbours to join. You can come check it out or look me up Lazy Farm. We only have 2 members so far 😕

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