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    i have big problem

    What exactly happened? i was talking to your agent to recover my lost vilage but suddenly my account got permanently banned and when i reinstall clash it fixed. what do you want exactly to recover my account? when i have main email and i'm the real owner with full access to everything so what should i do to get back this account? it's same as my friend's one.

    plz fix it I worked hard for this account
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    This is a players' forum. This isn't Supercell Support, so no one here knows anything about your account. Continue to talk to Support agents in-game. Don't post it here. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    i have big problem

    my divice its baneed how talk to Support ? Plz Help me im Sad

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    give me support E-Mail Or Check and fix now my account i want ply ClasH with my Account i can give you email and all bio account

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingaDvin View Post

    my divice its baneed how talk to Support ? Plz Help me im Sad
    Here's the link you need:

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