🐸 The Soldiers Who Are Madly P!ssed 🐸

The S.W.A.M.P


My Tag: #88JLVQRVQ

This clan is Fresh and looking for players dedicated to earning trophies and farming to progress and reach goals set by both the individual and the group! While making mew friends and socializing.

My goal is to watch this clan grow and change not just based off my vision for it, but the clan members as well.

I look forward to promoting worthy comrades, these promotions can be earned by:
🐸 Recruiting friends and family to join us on our journey
🐸 Wars fought
🐸 Troop Donations, by the receiving ends wants and needs!
🐸 Time is always of the essence! The longer you are in the high you will rank

Over all your rank will be based off what you bring to the table, how you provide, and how social you are!

We will begin wars frequently when the population rises above requirements!

With that being said this clan is for adults. Mature young adults are welcome but if immaturity is shown, or rather your essence is annoying, you will be removed quickly.

WE ALL START SOMEWHERE So jump into clash of clans and joing our clan today!