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Thread: i don't play games i win them, and this is why.

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    i don't play games i win them, and this is why.

    it all started when i was id say about eight years old i was brown eyed and had the whole world ahead of me. i hadent a clue where life would take me but i would soon find out that i had a gift not wealth or charm, but drive passion over the next 4 years i took up a great game that you may have heard of this game is known now as runescape3 but back then it was with out the 3 this game takes more than 4 years to master it takes 4 years of 24/7 hours of grinding and patience there where hard times where i didn't think i would make it to the end but in the end i achieved what few players can i got my max cape and i still play to this day.
    hayday may be just my next conquer but to this day i still play runscape and clash of clans “witch was a walk in the park in compareson and im a non-rushed th11 about to be a non-rushed th12 in only 1 month” the point is im dedicated loyal and i can be your hoods greatest asset blow are my details

    i am curently lv 31
    in real life i am 21
    and this is my game tag,
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