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Thread: Unable to load clash of clans app

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    Unable to load clash of clans app

    I don't know what to do anymore to open my coc. I have this issue for several days already. When i tried opening it, it just a black or blank screen. It was perfectly working fine before the June update. I've tried these steps several times but it didn't work:
    - Made sure power saving is off
    - Uninstall and reinstall the app
    - Forced stop
    - Cleared cache and data
    - Turned off and on my phone (not just restart)
    - Changed where the app was saved. From internal to external storage to check if something to do with space.
    None of these steps resolve the issue. Please help! Also, I don't know my tag name or number.

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    right behind you
    have you checked your internt connections?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    have you checked your internt connections?
    Yes i did! I have a very strong internet connection. Even with my data on mobile. I also tried in different places that has strong internet connection. Same thing happened.

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    Thats happening with me also my coc is also not opening i tried everything

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