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Thread: Forum CWL August 2019

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    I'm ready again.

    Nui the younger Th11

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    I'm in as usual with both accounts , ready to show my awesome fails
    Just like wawa , I'm curious too in which league we will get placed.
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    So cool !!!!!
    Thank you folks for being so helpful !!!

    Looks like we have near 15 clashers, so we can call it GO !!
    Next Forum CWL mixed TH lvls at Forum Elite IV ( #280RJQJ92 ),
    not, I repeat, not at the usual forum fleapit
    Please spread the word, the more the merrier, and all the better if we can get to 30:30 !!!

    Have Fun
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    almost max TH12, lvl 219 63/65/ 40
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    might have some th9's and a th11 available.. will do my cwl rosters in a few days and let you know what i have available

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    iwillseeificancome. i can 10v12 2 islands but only really proficient in queen charge miners for 3. working on hogs and lalo as well though

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    Count me in, too. TPig also can come over.

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    So when should we move there?

    Th12 only war clan Brotherhood #8VYLVJJ2

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    Hello all ***CHANGE OF VENUE***

    August forum cwl will now take place in Forum Elite II (the level 6 one, #22QGVC8JG)

    This will ensure your efforts aren't wasted on a clan that we're not entirely sure will be needed yet, and also means you have slightly better perks for the duration of the cwl, and also make getting the level 7 perk for this clan in time for Forum Elite a lot more achievable.

    I will be doing a more or less solo cwl in FEIV, but hope to be able to help out with donations a little in FEII.

    We will open up with a big xp war on the 29th, if anyone feels like coming early for that, will try and put out word and get other people to come for that. Thinking of spinning around 1800-1900 British Summer Time, so it ends a good 12 hours before CWL signing in starts, so give anyone not doing the CWL in FEII plenty of time to get home. Feel free to bring any friends for that.

    Thank you all and see you soon.
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    South East of China, not that far away from Shanghai, or Hong Kong, just where my heart is...
    Count me and my brother in again

    MasterEdy - TH11
    Lil’Dragon - TH10
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    I can send you a couple th9s and maybe a 12

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