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    [Idea] Clan Audit Log

    I am new here, Just want to post an idea for clan. I dont know if it is already requested...
    An audit log button in clan page or under setting where leaders can see all logs of clan (like join, left, kick, promotion, donation, etc...)

    Here is image concept:

    (Maybe date and time too like first log in image)
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    Well a donation log is ruled out, as is any indication of when a player was last online.

    Which really only leaves your idea as a log of join, leave, kicked, promoted. And even there, a log of who accepted/kicked is also ruled out.
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    Hi RazB,

    For clan membership history, see

    For rank history, I think it might be best for you to keep an offline record of your co-leaders. You shouldn’t have a high turnover.

    For kick history, again it would probably be best to keep an offline record where you can record why you kicked them, often there are reasons you don’t bother to put into the kick message, so a log wouldn’t have the important information anyway.

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