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Thread: The Republic | Lvl 11 International Clan | Recruiting Mature Players | #9UUOGG8P

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    The Republic | Lvl 11 Casual War Clan | Recruiting Mature Players | #9UUOGG8P

    Hello Clashers!

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this post! I created this clan back in 2015 and we are just a tight knit clan with a solid core. We are currently looking for some active and mature players, it doesn't matter what level you are we all had to start somewhere, so that we may be able start warring with higher numbers. We don't chat much, just clashing, a lot of us are busy with college, jobs, and etc.

    We have been pretty unlucky when it comes to recruiting, but it's been a while since we actively recruited.

    We are pretty good at donating, but it's not lightning speed that your cc is going to be filled up. Obviously ccs will get filled up more quickly if there were more people haha.

    We win together and lose together, there are no egos between us, there are no superstar players. This is a team/family effort! And we expect the same mentality from you.

    When applying to the clan please say something like "From the forums" in the request box.

    Here's our clan description and the players:




    Happy Clashing!
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    Message me if you have anymore questions, happy clashing!

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