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Thread: Level 74 farmer, I love to help & want to expand

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    Level 74 farmer, I love to help & want to expand

    I have been playing Hay Day for several years. Just came back after a brief hiatus...I had surgery. I love my farm and I am looking for a friendly neighborhood that HELPS. I want to expand, but I need help getting expansion materials. I love to help, and I play at various times so I am usually popping in to help a few people. I always help my neighbors first and then I start looking through the book.

    NOT into the derby. Right now I am focused on my farm. I do utilize the truck and the boat. My town is set up, but my current hood doesnít do anything with the town, so I gave up.

    i love cats, so if you have a cat name or logo, thatís a plus!


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    We currently have 16 hood members and growing slowly (recruiting is hard work). But no cat name or logo sorry.

    Our leader never plays Derby so having you not play Derby is no issue, just opt out. Currently we have 8 people doing Derby most weeks. If you are in Derby it's 9x310 and 9x400 in special derby. 10th is up to you.♥We ask you to sit out your first Derby in the hood so you can see how we do things. We've had a few people join of late join the derby and do no tasks 😬.

    We are mostly Australian and US players at this stage. We all speak English. The entry level is currently set at 25. Most of us are over level 70.

    Chat is quieter then I would like, our previous hood was chatty and fun but we understand life gets in the way and things change. We are all very helpful and are happy to help you build your farm.

    So feel free to pop over if you haven't found your forever hood.

    Hood name BOO BEES

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    We are a friendly, helpful group. We have a good mix of people. We have a good mix of horseshoe and competive.
    Amarillo by mornin come join us #990jqv9p
    We are a balanced , friendly, competive neighborhood. We play derby a little diffrent. we play two weeks just for horseshoes which is a little laid back then two week reg derby. Other derby we play regular derbies which is for the prizes of top 3. We understand the need to opt-out when you need to.New member need to be level 55 to join. We also work and make changes as a group. We ask two things from you..

    1. Be courteous and say “ thank you” when you buy from others shop or when someone helps with boats, waters ect...
    say “your welcome” we understand that is not always conductive when doing truck tasks ect but once your done we appreciate it.
    2. We also use Kik it’s a free app and it does not send you unsolicited messages. We use this to communicate with one another and bettter help each other.

    Come by and meet us and say “Hello” see if our group is what your looking for. We are a chatty fun group. Come try us out.

    Thank you!! Hope to see y’all there

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    Hi Kat, no cat pic but were pigs and bees farmers lol!! You're welcomed to join us at "FLYING PIG'S & HONEY BEE'S"
    your welcome to stay out of derby as long as you want to!! We work as team whether derby or not!! Best of luck to you and hope to meet you soon!!🐷🐝

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    Pls consider Lovely Level 65+íers

    My wife and I would like to invite u to consider our NH for levels 65+. We found other groups to be too serious, others with 30 members playing for themselves, never communicating or helping. We desire a team that works together, helping each other, and to have fun as we progress. And maybe say Hi and Bye so we know your there. Join the derby and be active, or opt out. No pressure.

    Our tags: Fun, Active, Chatty, Helpers, Casual Derby

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    ROCKY RIVER FARMS would love to have you join our neighborhood! my husband and I created a new neighborhood to try to find other players who like to help and have fun In a no pressure atmosphere! Current levels are 46 & 47. Look us up #PYYL8VCC

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