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Thread: Upgrade priorities?

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    Question Upgrade priorities?

    All my defences are maxed for th10, and walls are almost at the halfway point. The end is in sight, just gotta get my heroes and de lab upgrades done, then Iím maxed th10! I still have a ways to go but Iím finally feeling closer to max than I ever have before. So what is the most important upgrade at th11, what should I focus on first? Iím a ground attacker but I am open to trying out edrags. Icees look like fun too. I do have a rune of gold in my town hall (though I continue to look for it in the cc ) so I have that option if I need quick upgrades. I am a war player but Iím okay with attacking lower than my mirror. Iíve been known in my clan for very good war defence and I plan to keep that reputation.

    So should I start with the eagle? Or go the eagle last? ADs? Infernos, xbows, ATs? Cc or camps or lab? So much to do! Iím looking forward to it, but idk where to start

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    I would place all new (and quick) defenses first before placing the X-Bow, Interno, and EA (that would be my preferred order). I would also upgrade the Lab, then a Camp or two, then the CC all at the same time (or when Builder availability allows).

    As for the other upgrades, that will all come down to what you're being attacked with.

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    Lab, cc, spell factories, camps, and heroes should be first priorities.
    After that, your preference. I tend to ug war troops/spells first b/c I'm in a heavy war clan.
    As for other structures: I hold off on barracks for a bit, unless the new troop will be used for war.
    I also focus on the defenses that cost the most and take the longest. I have phases that I do upgrades:
    Phase one: All new stuff to previous th lvl. Plus camps, cc, lab, spell factories, and heroes. Also storages if they get an upgrade.
    Phase two: ea, infernoes, x-bows, hidden teslas, wizard towers.
    Phase three: archer towers, cannons, bomb towers, air defenses, and mortars.
    Phase four: collectors, mines, drills (if these receive an upgrade), traps, and barracks (if not yet finished).
    I'll ug a barracks in other phases if I have surplus elixir.
    Phases tend to overlap too. I generally am still working on heroes as I move into phase two. I'm usually finishing up wts or teslas as I move into phase three, etc.
    This is just "my way" of doing things. Everyone is different.
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    I just went to th11 last week. I did lab(bowlers but I should have done healers first) Army camps, queen and warden. I am not at all concerned about getting eds or iggys yet. Queen is at 42 Warden at 5 1 camp left. I will focus hard on heros fpr the next month

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