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Thread: Fairly new TH10 looking for chill clan

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    Fairly new TH10 looking for chill clan

    Hey so upgraded my (almost) maxed TH9 around a month ago and made steady progress. I'd like to skip out on wars for now as i'm still learning new th10 attacks, so i'll just probably donate and do clan games. I prefer a farming clan, but honestly any clan is fine as long as it's active and has the 2 level upgrade donation thing.

    Heres my tag #LY0L0JVJ
    Just reply on this thread or add me

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    Port Alberni, B.C.
    got room at B.C. Buds #8VLYJLJC if you are an adult, non hardcore player and it sounds like you have that covered. All our gory details attached in my signature
    Owner/operator of B.C.Buds at #8VLYJLJC

    here is our recruitment thread

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    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Vibes Lvl 14- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    We offer a clan for anyone

    50vs events

    League Play

    Active social

    Team work

    Looking for players that need a clan. We have 20plus to choose from

    Join our discord today


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    Hi Mira,

    If you're still searching for a clan check us out!

    ***Pine Fine 2 #VRPP28L8 is the sister clan for Pine Fine.***

    We are recruiting a few more TH10+ ***(cannot be rushed or engineered)*** that are active in wars. We war every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and the war are started at 8PM EST. We are looking for members that are friendly but take war seriously.

    ***We are in Crystal I for the new CWL*** We do 30v30 for CWL. For CWL we only take TH9+

    Our record is 78 wins and 31 losses. If you have opted for wars you are expected to use both your attacks.

    ***Warning - Before joining and leaving like so many others from the forums - Our chat can be inactive outside of wars. The clan in general however is not inactive. We war three times a week and donations are filled very quickly. If you want a very active chat log at all times, this isn't the clan for you.***

    While chat is not active you are expected to read through chat/clan mail for assigned war targets or for any messages directed at you. Discord is also an option, but is highly recommended that you join it.

    Since our clan has formed we have not missed a max CG reward.


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    Hello there, Iam Tamou, leader and founder of Rage, a lvl 7 clan looking to recruit quality over quanity with our members. we are in a phase currently of reopening stronger than ever before with your help we can achieve what we all want in this game together. Rage offers you a chance to be and respected by your peers for your dedication, loyalty and unwavering war tactics that help lead our community to success, join us in our journey to not only be succesful players but also a succesful community.

    Thank you for reading i hope to see you soon, tho i wish you luck however you decide.

    - Tamou

    -How do i join Rage?-

    As of now we are considering all applications in-game, to do this simply search our clan tag "#PVCJYVYQ" into the clan search bar and request to join with "Leave the rage to us" be patient and wait to be accepted by me or a co-leader.

    Rage. Devoted to our members and our success be an original part of our success join today!!

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    Absent Doom

    Clan Level 11 - Crystal League I

    Clan Tag: #JV08U0PJ

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    Our group consists of 4 clans:

    1. SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR (friendly war clan) Level 14 clan Recruiting th10 and up, currently in crystal league 1

    2. Staircase2 #RQRG82R2 (relaxed, friendly war clan and learning clan) Level 10 clan All townhall levels welcome, currently Gold league 1

    Stairwell #29YLJ29RY (brand new friendly war clan) Level 4 clan accepting th9 and lower only currently silver league 1

    4. Do’URden #222LRQQ8Q (Sleeper clan, for extended periods of inactivity)

    What you can expect in our clans:

    • Active, friendly clans covering most time zones (international clans)
    • A strong sense of teamwork
    • A solid leadership team
    • A respectable war log
    • The final tier reached each time in clan games
    • Frequent friendly challenges, tips and advice as you would like, to improve your strategy
    • War 3 times a week
    • Organised war, with plans sent in clan mail
    • Interclan events
    • Optional communication app 'band' to support communication across the clans, improve strategy and general chat, news and update sharing.

    What the clans expect:

    • All members to use both attacks if opted into war and to follow war plans
    • Members to donate where able and to respect the request
    • Friendly advice, chat in the clan, no use of bad language
    • Non rushed bases
    • No drama
    • Give each war attack your best shot, taking cc troops and war troops to attack, heroes ready to go (opt out of war when heroes upgrading)
    • Contribute to clan games to help us reach the final tier each event
    • Promotions are earned.

    If you would like to be a part of our clans request to join stating you are from the forum in your request. We look forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

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    Check out♥CLUBB♥Level 9 clan tag: #JJ20JQQG.
    Adult Farm Clan/Casual War/CWL/Max Clan Game Points. Relaxed mature environment. Farm/Clan game/CWL/Chilled/Break from war/Upgrade base etc. We do regular wars but you can sit whenever you want. We are mainly a chill clan for adults. No Kids. No Drama. Discord server♥
    you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Arv sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!
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    No fancy logos or application necessary. Put that clash resume away. Come enjoy the game as a game (not a job) with active adult members in a level 18 clan of TH12-Th11s #20V8QYY

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