San Knights (#9R28YPY)
Seeking non-rushed TH9-12 members

Clan War League: Crystal III

Level 14 War Clan
Clan Perks

  • Donation Request Wait Time: 10 min
  • Donation Limit: 8 Troops
  • Donation Refund: 50%
  • Donation Upgrade: 2 levels
  • Treasury Extra Storage: 50%
  • War Bonus Extra Loot: 25%

San Knights is a mature, low drama clan which is in war almost always. We are mostly all working adults spread out across the USA. We are open to teaching and not too proud to learn. Our requirements are the typical expectations:

  • Do not miss attacks in war
  • Donate only what is requested
  • Only request max troops during war (so lower level members can keep their donations up)
  • Only fill war castles with max troops
  • New members please donate before requesting and do your best to keep donations balanced
  • Be mature and respectful to others

Wed love to hear from you, please mention this post