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    Donation Camp

    Good evening Super team. I've got an idea that would help a lot. In the training menu we have Army, Troops, Spells, and Quick Train. My idea is to Put another icon for donations.In the donation menu you click on the troops that you know your clan mates use a lot and you train them and keep them there. When ever someone requests for troops you donate them from your donation camp. Reason for this is you train your raid army ahead so that you don't have to wait that long for the next raid, this makes donation difficult as to everytime it messes up your army and you have to go back and fix it. Sometimes you need to get rid of troops just to get your army right again. By adding this would be an advantage to our gamers. Please think about it. Thanks Team.

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    They already added this feature..... its called your second army.

    You can now create troops equivalent to twice your camp space and donate directly from that second army without the troops ever being in your camp. A TH10 can hold 480 total space worth of troops, for instance.

    Simply keep donation troops in your second army when you are not planning to attack. Then swap those troops out later for farm or war attacks.
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