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Thread: how do i max my heroes fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyVW View Post

    Yes. If more than 2 hero levels (combined) are required. (Edit: a week, of course)

    Otherwise; attack, attack, attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omkaryepre View Post
    i m maxed th9 except heroes .. can anyone teach me to farm de...i m in currently in crystal2...please tell me army comp...and strategies to farm de fast
    gowipe it and you can have all the de very easily

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    Quote Originally Posted by Affront View Post
    TL;DR: Stay out of war, upgrade to TH10, stay in Crystal3, attack 8-10 times a day, keep both heroes down constantly.
    Best answer so far.

    And then when you hit 40/40, go to th11 even if you're not done with th10 upgrades yet and do the same things, continuing to focus on heroes.

    And then when your gw hits 20, go to th12 even if you're not done with the th11 upgrades yet and continue still to focus on heroes.

    During this time, pick your lab upgrades strategically so that you upgrade the troops you'll want at the next TH. For me a well rounded force at th12 has max dragons, loons, miners, healers, pekka, bowlers, hounds, clone, freeze, bats. YMMV but I find these give me a variety of th12 farming armies that cover different or all 3 heroes being down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quali View Post
    I did dragloon - 9 drags and 8 (I think?) loons, playing in masters. Not going for 3*, but going for DE. Heroes were maxed in 2.5 months, including spells of doing both at the same time and having the gold pass. You need to be doing 250+ attacks per season to do that though.

    I did this strat. Was keeping them both down while dumping gold into walls. Doing 10-15 attacks a day at 2-3K de in masters to get the extra 500DE helped. when my walls are done I'll go to 10 and finish my heroes. I used books and hammers on the AQ to get her to 30 first

    They are currently 20/25.
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    I suggest Goblin Knife in a high league, it's cheap, it's fast and comes at next to no DE-expense.

    For a guide how to do it, check this thread

    not hte freshest thread, I know, but it should still be a viable strategy, certainly worth trying out.

    Good Luck and Have Fun
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    Goblin knife in crystal league...I still use .

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    The army I use in TH9 for farming DE is: 3 pekka, 9 giant, 9 wizz, 4 heal, 4 wallbreakers, 2 jump, 2 rage, 1 poison. In ck: bowlers and poison.

    This will easily get at 2 stars and you get to the core where usualy the DE tank is. You can also use this army on lower TH10 because you have 2 jump and 2 jump. This way you can almost always get quickly to the core. The only DE that you need to invest in this army is the DE for the poison. Most of the time when there is no defending CK you don't have to use the poison.

    You start with a queen walk. Then you break in with the rest of the army. You simple spead some giants in front of the queen with wizz behind them. then you break the wall with wall beakers and you go in with your pekka's, king, bowlers andquickly jump to the core with your jump spells and rage spells.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puddddiiiing View Post
    6 attacks / hour with boost
    40k / 6 = 7k de per attack

    lavaloon costs: approx 2k de

    So you are getting 9k Dark Elixir per attack at th9 in crystal 2(no de bonus). SURE.

    IMHO lavaloon is one oft the worst strats to farm de.

    Just use a mix of healer, giant, jump, funnel troops and goblins
    Why is it so hard to convince people that using DE to farm DE isn't a good idea? I've got people in my clan that think because they can bowitch a base and earn 5K DE that it's an effective DE farming strategy. This even after I've shown them that you can get identical loot pulls with GobKnife, GiBarchGob and even GiWiPe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorBlade72nd View Post
    You start with a queen walk.
    If AQ is required, then heroes aren't being upgraded as fast as possible.

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