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    Best Troop

    Hello guys, i recently rushed my bh6 to bh8. All my troops are lv12 except night Witches and Canon carts and the bh7 and bh8 troop. My question is, what do you Think is the most important troop i should focus on upgrading to get to higher trophies?

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    Beta Minions + Drop Ships

    Edit: I see the following army combinations at mid 4500s:

    - DropMinions
    - MassPekka
    - MassBetaMinions
    - PekkaGlider (Power Spell)

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    Well, if you want O.T.T.O at bh 9 (when you decide to go), I'd suggest getting cannon carts up since they have to be max level to upgrade the O.T.T.O hut one level.
    As far as "most important" troop: there is no "most important" troop. At bh 8 I did mostly giant/cannon cart attacks with sone bombers and rbs or sas.
    You can also do drop ship/beta minion attacks.
    There is also the mitch strat: night witches and beta minions (read noc's posts about this and he also has vids on hid youtube channel).

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    The fastest way to high percentage 2-staring your opponents is to rush to BH9 and max out Baby Dragons.

    Using 6 camps of BD or 5 camp BD + 1 camp Minions (to snipe the BH) will overwhelm their air defences easily.
    Grab some extra % at the end using your BM.

    -- marrvin
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