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Thread: Adult looking for adult friends/neighborhood

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    looking for friends/neighborhood

    Dont really care about derby play much. Just like to trade and help people out. I will chat some. I'm not a big talker but you ask me questions I will chat back. I'm active everyday but not long period of time. I'm on and off alot. When I can play derby I will do max points and all 10+ tasks but mostly I'll opt out. Been playing since 2015 on and off Level 78. I'm very friendly and polite.
    Thank you 😚😋
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    We currently have 16 hood members and growing slowly (recruiting is hard work).

    Our leader never plays Derby but he is the most active out of all of us. Currently we have 8 people doing Derby most weeks. If you are in Derby it's 9x310 and 9x400 in special derby. 10th is up to you.♥We ask you to sit out your first Derby in the hood so you can see how we do things. We've had a few people join of late join the derby and do no tasks 😬.

    We are mostly Australian and US players at this stage. We all speak English. The entry level is currently set at 25. Most of us are over level 70.

    Chat is quieter then I would like, our previous hood was chatty and fun but we understand life gets in the way and things change. We are all very helpful and are happy to help you build your farm.

    So feel free to pop over if you haven't found your forever hood.

    Hood name BOO BEES
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    PYYL8VCC, Rocky River Farms!we are a new neighborhood but have been gaming for months! We love to trade and are very helpful. Looking to increase our numbers. We were members of another neighborhood but wanted to start one of our own! Hope you join!!

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    Hello! Here’s our neighborhood tag, come check us out! NEIGHBORHOOD TAG# PYJPVPQ9

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