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Thread: LVL 13 clan in COC but well be #1 in your heart!

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    LVL 13 clan in COC but well be #1 in your heart!

    Im Mikey from the lvl 14 clan G.A.T.A. (Get After That A$$) #PY2PP9R2
    GATA is a clan full of red blooded Americans (and a few Canadians...) who like to cut up and have fun. Before you stop reading, let me point out why this post is worth the read.

    🛠Were insanely active. We average around 6-10 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges. Of course we max out every clan games, usually with the first 36-48 hours.
    Our TH12 Co-leader Bandit Bandz currently has 23,000+ donations for this season alone. Our clan breakdown is roughly TH8-12 with around 14 TH12 and 12 TH11s.
    🛠Were extremely war-focused, with a 62% win rate,. We provide opportunities for both veterans to expand their attack arsenal and noobs to get better in war.

    Now, youll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here lies the difference:
    🛠Were essentially a family with many of us hanging out IRL. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is how fun and friendly we are as teammates.
    🛠We are improvement-focused. This means that we dont care if you screw up, or if youre already a decent attacker. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.
    🛠We do whatever it takes to help the clan. Clan pushes and recruitment sprees are fun ways to attract others. Were currently brainstorming ways to compete in bigger wars and even starting a feeder clan.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.
    ❇️An active team player solid TH9+ and exceptional TH8. 20/20+ TH9, 20/25+ TH10, 35/40+ TH11
    ❇️A respectful clasher with similarly high standards for growth
    ❇️A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun

    If youre looking for a place to call home or even just looking to meet some guys that love to war, we hope you stop in and allow us to introduce ourselves.
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