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    I recommend pushing to legend leauge

    I'm a 50% max th12. I always used to sit down in masters throughout my 4 years of clash & went as high as titans 3 at max th11.

    I wanted to go higher but I couldn't put up with the clouds so legend leauge didn't really appeal to me

    I've been at legends for a week now after I decided to push & I reccomened those who haven't go up there! We have a guy in our clan who's a th10 sitting at low legends so it's possible! No clouds it's great!

    I'm getting 2 stars with just my queen, as king & warden are down constant!

    Loot is great especially dark, 8k a raid in total & around 750k of gold & elixer! I always used to say its betting to farm lower but this isn't the case anymore!

    Don't be put off by the max of 8 attacks per day as I always used to spend quite a lot of time playing clash around 3/4 hours a day & I can tell you 8 attacks is the perfect number! My first attack was at 9am this morning & my last was 8pm! Takes around an hour to build my army so I just log on occasionally to donate & attack!

    You will also become more skilled as every base is different so it will put your knowledge to the test! I highly reccomened giving it a try!

    See you up there! 😎
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    Yeah, it's great for farming and learning.

    Quote Originally Posted by HarryBaines16 View Post
    every base is different
    Unfortunately, that's not true at 5400. There are about 5 bases everyone uses. Feels a bit like builder base tbh Still good for learning tho because in war I never see those anti 2 star bases.

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    There’s those who nitpick it and then there’s you who finds the positives. I love good vibes, makes this far better than the CR subreddit. Good god the negativity (to be fair, I am negative too). It’s nice that you enjoy something that’s meant to be enjoyed!

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    I would say there is no reason to try stay in legends if you’re not close to max. I’d stay in T3 till maxing everything out. You’ll progress faster.

    if you’re max or close to max, legend league is very challenging, and climbing ranks is very fun too.
    Nothing here stays the same forever. You must learn to change as the game changes, or clash will force you one way or another.

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    I agree.
    It's pretty easy to maintain 5k with a couple of heroes upgrading and farming is great.
    The builders are always active and not losing resources on defence helps greatly with having less attacks.
    I recommend it.

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    I agree with the statement loot is great, no clouds and you become a better attacker since you are attacking better bases...unfortunately it is a no for me..I am already maxed again & if at some point i feel like no attacking..I wonít have the pressure of doing 8 attacks to stay up there...good luck to all the pushers bit even sometimes you need a break

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    Agree with this I was really against legends when I heard about restricting attacks but now that Iím in legends Iím really enjoying it.. itís farming but also at the same time a competitive aspect where you try and do your best. Itís definitely making me play more than before

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    Last 2,5 years play only in legend , very happy. Only this upgrade go down to T3 bcz need fast upgrade. Now full and plan back to Legend. Now T1
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    Iím a near max th12 in legends.
    I donít even complete all 8 attacks each day but Iím still comfortably sitting in low legends. Loot is awesome. 5/6k DE every attack.

    My heroes are upgrading and I donít usually have more than 1 available for attacks.

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    I’d second the OP. After scratching my head about whether to, just started climbing & first full day in LL started this morning. Push up was a breeze, no clouds (so my fears of Titan clouds unfounded), lots of 20+ cup offers.

    Loot is good - better than regular MM. As my challenge is getting 8 attacks in a day (outside of weekends), it’s actually better for farming for my playstyle. Will I drop out the bottom due to lack of activity? possibly. Will I try and play more than usual to stay in LL, and start feeling game a chore? I hope not, will just have to relax into it a bit I guess and not get caught up. T1 isn’t bad either with no clouds.

    Overall, good change by SC.

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