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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Unless the player is one of the very few making money playing, the only point is to have fun. That's it. As long as they are having fun, they aren't upgrading/farming wrong. Even absent that reality, it still would be wrong to say a non-max player in legends is doing it wrong. For example, on my second account I am getting more loot in legends than I would be playing lower because of the limited time I have to spend on it. On the other hand, if that was my only account, I probably would be farming lower, but if I decided I wanted to play in legends and I enjoyed doing it, I definitely wouldn't be playing wrong.
    "Fun" is the operative word. I Clash because I like it; it is a game after all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bct View Post
    8 attacks is not farming.

    Farming is building a giant and arch (or min if you need reg elix) army and dropping down for dead bases.
    Dead th12s are few and far between. Farming in video games is repeating the same actions over and over for loot. If 8 attacks is enough to keep all builders busy (for me it is), then that's farming.

    Quote Originally Posted by RagnarFurias View Post
    I would say there is no reason to try stay in legends if you’re not close to max. I’d stay in T3 till maxing everything out. You’ll progress faster.
    If all your builders are busy from your 8 (or fewer) legends attacks, then being in a lower league will not help you progress any faster, with the exception of walls, which don't matter. If you like walls, feel free to drop and farm 20 million per day, but it's a perfectly valid choice to stay in legends and only upgrade 2-3 walls per day.

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    I'm currently in LL and when I had all my heroes up it was the perfect place for me. However with my heroes getting down one after the other to upgrade I'm going to drop to farm DE/Elixir faster. Once heroes are done then surely I will climb up again and enjoy all the benefits it provides

    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    I've had no king or warden since the update (minus the CWL week). Very easy to keep two heroes down even with the gold pass builder reduction

    I'll be sitting pretty on gold whenever we get more defensive upgrades seeing as legends cant lose resources

    A+ change

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