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Thread: Th11, 9, and 8, looking for a war clan

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    Th11, 9, and 8, looking for a war clan

    I have 3 accounts, a th11, a th9, and a th8. I'd like to find an active war clan, maybe one that is rebuilding if theres open leadership spots available to be earned after time. I'm a pretty solid war attacker, 2 of my accounts have over 1300 war stars. I'm fairly new to th11 but have made much progress with upgrades. All of my bases are non rushed at all.

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    The Phi Family is looking for new members!

    1. Phi (level 18) (#YYQQ09): 579+ war wins | Master League 1
    2. Iron Giants (level 17) (#9GY0GC82): 406+ war wins | Crystal League 1
    3. ATX WOLVES (level 16) (#8PJGJUQG): 420+ war wins | Crystal League 2

    About Us:
    • International Members
    • B2B Wars
    • Part of the Elite Nation
    • Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    • Adult Clan – No kids / drama
    • Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed / .5
    • Clan Game - Max

    Looking for:
    • ANY town hall level
    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Use both attacks

    Apply via Discord, and for more information:

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    Sent ya a private message. Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck in your search!

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    Exclamation Starting 50v50 War Tomorrow!!

    [Recruiting] | Mutant X | War Clan | Level 7 | TH9+ | War, Games, CWL

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV. Recruiting unrushed TH levels 9+: TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12

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    The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything
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    Come check out my war clan Ice Army (#22VJY9P20)
    We are an elite war clan 57-6 in wars. We run th9-th11 wars and are north american based. We are rebuilding and are currently sitting at 29/50 members and are for sure looking for more leadership roles!
    You can send me a friend request if you want: BigWiz (#JLQ0LLGG)

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    Our group consists of 4 clans:

    1. SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR (friendly war clan) Level 14 clan Recruiting th10 and up, currently in crystal league 1

    2. Staircase2 #RQRG82R2 (relaxed, friendly war clan and learning clan) Level 10 clan All townhall levels welcome, currently Gold league 1

    Stairwell #29YLJ29RY (brand new friendly war clan) Level 4 clan accepting th9 and lower only currently silver league 1

    4. Do’URden #222LRQQ8Q (Sleeper clan, for extended periods of inactivity)

    What you can expect in our clans:

    • Active, friendly clans covering most time zones (international clans)
    • A strong sense of teamwork
    • A solid leadership team
    • A respectable war log
    • The final tier reached each time in clan games
    • Frequent friendly challenges, tips and advice as you would like, to improve your strategy
    • War 3 times a week
    • Organised war, with plans sent in clan mail
    • Interclan events
    • Optional communication app 'band' to support communication across the clans, improve strategy and general chat, news and update sharing.

    What the clans expect:

    • All members to use both attacks if opted into war and to follow war plans
    • Members to donate where able and to respect the request
    • Friendly advice, chat in the clan, no use of bad language
    • Non rushed bases
    • No drama
    • Give each war attack your best shot, taking cc troops and war troops to attack, heroes ready to go (opt out of war when heroes upgrading)
    • Contribute to clan games to help us reach the final tier each event
    • Promotions are earned.

    If you would like to be a part of our clans request to join stating you are from the forum in your request. We look forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

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    Sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    Hi, I'm trying to rebuild my clan. You are welcome to check us out.

    Clan Name: Thunder Legion
    Level: 8
    Tag: #YYJJLLPG

    At this point, I'd be open to appointing one of your accounts Co-Leader and the others will remain Elders.



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    We're not rebuilding, but TMBG definitely has room for accounts interested in helping out in leadership. Obviously it will take some time to build trust.

    Discord server:

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    Hey there!

    We need active clan mates for our clan and people to participate in war. If you are interested feel free to join us! You can find more information on us through this link:

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