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Thread: Someone help me please

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    have you upgraded your loons yet? That was my first th9 upgrade.

    Unfortunately there is a lot of elixir cost at the start of a new th, so that's why people are recommending elixir cheap armies.

    Once you get thru your elixir investments, then you can easily switch to giwipe or loonion to farm dark.

    I preferred giwipe, it allowed me to raid th10s which can offer over double the loot that a th9 will offer. Oh and it can be used de free. loonion on the other hand has de cost inherent in its name. An alternative would be loons and baby drags.
    Yeah I just finished the upgrade

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    I pretty much either did dragloon or QW laloon for all of TH9. Elixir wasn’t ever a problem, I only attacked 2500+ DE bases and stayed in Crystal/masters.
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    If you were don't want trophies then reduce your level to gold1 and them use 60Goblin, 50archer, 40barbarian, 5giants and remain wallbreaker and then search long for non-active village with hight loot content. I'm also used this strategy and I'm not at TH10 5days ago

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