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Thread: What is your Valley Chicken count now w approx many active players in your Valley?

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    I not to chase chickens but I’m nit getting many appearing! We are at 149 the dalmations are not looking likely!

    very disappointing as I really want the flying car!

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    32 collected so far. I have collected 12 of those. I am in a tiny neighborhood, it is just my sister and I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIXEL13 View Post
    Most Definitely.

    I canít imagine a farm under level 50 getting to the 550 sun spin or more daily. Smaller farms have less planting fields. They are making less suns with the crop of the day. They also are not able to fill crates and truck loads as fast. Their lobster and duck tanks are smaller and donít process the tubes and cages as fast. It doesn't really seem fair honestly.

    The neighborhoods with all 100 level and higher players will be in one valley together. They will be getting gas a lot easier as well as chickens faster. After the season ends youíll see the Valley car on all the bigger farms 😂 😝
    But, the valley is fun and stress free, remember? I am going to give that at least four pinocchios.

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    Our valley hit 250 chickens today. We are a nh of 20-23 active, level 100+ players, and there are several other trucks( yellow dots) in the valley. It can be difficult to see all trucks, because dots do not always appear. Now to earn the tokens to get the permits and diamonds. Not into deco.

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    23 in our hood but at least 6 are not active in the Valley and a couple of others aren’t that bothered about it. The rest of us are very keen and with the help of the other hood (Japanese players) we managed to get all 250 chickens 2 days ago. We are now at 277.

    When I check the other players I can only see 11/12 so no idea where the rest of the 60 players are that were mentioned in the introduction.

    I aim to get up to the 550 suns each day, although I only managed that a couple of times this derby. It’s easier if one of the tasks is duck/lobsters though and I do have 164 fields to plant. Our hood is good at communicating through chat or messenger so when we see chickens running loose, or a group task that we can’t reach ourselves we post messages to the nearest players

    My baby farm is in a small hood of 4 and we are still on a chicken hunt. Not quite as easy to get fuel over there and we still need a lot.
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    I envy all those who got 250 chickens. I have all the tokens needed for the car deco but only 60 chickens because there are only 2 active people in my NH...sigh!

    How i wish the number of chickens can carry over tilí the next Valley so that i donít have to start from scratch again in collecting chickens 😞

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    We have 184 chickens, so we probably won’t get to the magic number of 250. I would like to see the name of the farm as part of the announcement that a chicken has been found. That way you would know who all is active in your group.

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    I last played some twenty hours ago, so back to the game I visited the Valley to spin for fuel. Since I played yesterday a total of zero chickens have been collected. I think, it is ridiculous to make it a group effort, when you are put into a random group. If you are unlucky like me you end up in a group where most aren't active in the Valley. Heck next Valley I am going to be one of the in-active, and thereby risking ruining the Valley experience for someone.

    I still don't understand how SC thinks this is going to work for everyone interested in participating. I bet the people who like playing the Valley are lucky to be in an active group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L26 View Post

    I still don't understand how SC thinks this is going to work for everyone interested in participating. I bet the people who like playing the Valley are lucky to be in an active group.
    Agreed! They say you can participate or not but when your collecting chicks as a group with people who are not even in your hood not knowing how active or not they are sets up a huge issue, imo.
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