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Thread: What is your Valley Chicken count now w approx many active players in your Valley?

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    172 chickens 🐓
    I am level 66. It appears most everyone in my valley are higher-level players, most over 100. I’m sure that’s why we have as many chickens as we do. I’ve only gotten to 200 suns a couple of times.

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    Well hopefully they read our posts here and put into consideration all these things when they make adjustments.

    The smaller farms are grouped together in a valley and will they will always struggle making more gas versus the larger farms

    My friend is in a over level 100 neighborhood and so are many of her valley players and they are already over 200 chickens. It’s so unbalanced for sure.

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    My group has 61 chickens, so I can’t imagine we’ll get to 250. I have no idea how many active players are in the Valley with me, because I rarely see any other trucks.

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    104 of 250 chickens. 21 in NH although some aren’t doing valley.

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    97 so far in a hood with 11 people and only a few of us active in the valley. We’ll never make it. Either the number of chickens should be lower or gas should be much easier to get.
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    Around 10 members are inactive for months (I guess)

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    We have 121 chickens.

    I play Solo (& the Chickens is obviously yet another disadvantage aimed at Solo players) there aren’t that many other players in my Valley (maybe 20) there appears to be one larger Hood but the others seem to be solo or maybe 2/3 in the hood?!

    Given theres no way of communicating i think the community spirit has been pretty good to get 121 chickens so far. But given the lack of trucks and lack of communication 250 is going to be out of our reach sadly (I’d love the flying car)

    I get the ‘easy’ fuel free/20/50 and try to complete my daily tasks with that (and head towards a chicken when at all possible) , then I get the 100/200 & often the 550 to go chicken chasing the 1000 ive done a few times, but it is only possible for me with certain tasks, but it still a lot of effort

    I love the Valley, it’s fun & it’s certainly making me farm differently & play the Derby differently, it’s a good ‘shake up’ for me.

    if I could make any changes the highest fuel would be a spin at 100 (200 at a push) 500/1000 is beyond ‘a challenge and is impossible/tedious depending on your tasks.

    Id like a personal chicken count so I can be sure I’m ‘pulling my weight’ nit that I can really do much more than I am, but it would still be nice to see it.

    id like to know how many ‘active trucks’ are in my valley (with ‘active’ being triggered by say getting 3/4 daily tasks done) and I’d be curious to know how many players have contributed to the chicken count (not names, just numbers) not snyfirm if checking up or ‘presssure/blaming’ just some idea of whether it’s likely we will get to 250 and how many of us are actually trying to get chickens.

    a question: does anyone know if we have the same people in the valley each season or different ones each time?

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    We have 178 chickens. I counted about 30 people in valley. About 10 in our nh are very active. The rest not so much, to varying degrees. I have no idea how many we catch compared to others. I myself get 1 chick in the road a day and a couple group. We are averaging over 10 a day. Seems like more the last couple of days. Seems that there are always 3 chicks at a time someplace. All trucks really spread out so if i cant reach, someone else does. I always spin to reach 200. But about half the time spin to 550. I think my other active players do about the same. We have liked it so far, with a few minor annoyances. My main wish is that we could collect unlimited tokens. I would love to get to 250 and have enough token storage to get the valley car and the diamonds and the boosters lol! Also, get rid of broken trucks.

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    Just to add, most of our active players are over level 100. I am really curious how they put together nhs in the valley.

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    Thank you for the reply. I too am really curious how NHs were placed in a Valley. We have 6 very active players 2 of which have been hit or miss the last 3 days because of personal commitments. We are a NH of 9 but am about to start recruiting actives for Valley and Derby. We now have 125 chickens, up 11 from yesterday and 10 of those were from our NH and 8 from only 2 in our group.

    it is so frustrating to have to carry the load for those who do nothing. Granted they won’t get the rewards because they won’t have tokens to purchase them, but it is really frustrating to have a chicken sitting in the same spot as an inactive truck clear across the Valley.

    I fear the disparity in the way the valleys were populated will cause even more people to become inactive or abandon the Valley. Surely a test team would have seen the issues of populating a valley with primarily lower level NHs ...only 2 in our entire Valley over 100, 1 70s, then a small handful of 50s. Lots of 30s and 20 level farms.

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