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Thread: How do you determine what army comp to use against certain bases?

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    For me, it's recognising bases I have done well against and done poorly against before.

    Sometimes, it's obvious. A tightly packed base just screams out Electro Dragons to me

    And, Honestly in multiplayer and in war, 75% or more of bases are not new (sure they might be tweaked, but that won't alter a base enough to change the armies that work and don't)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfinch30 View Post
    Youíre asking quite the complicated question there OP.
    Could take pages and pages to fully describe the thought processes that often donít take that long once youíre used to it.
    This one is a decent answer for a start though:

    Apart from that, go YouTube searching on Ďreadingí or analysing a base.
    People like beakerís lab, onehive raids, carbonfin, JudoSloth.

    Here's one for a start:

    Then you need to filter all that info with regard to troops that you have upgraded, strats that youíre used to or good at.
    Starting with your best/favourite comp, have a look at a base, try and make a quick plan for how to 3* it.
    If lots of factors are off-putting, then thatís probably not the strat.
    OR: if there are multiple bases available, go through each one looking for factors that fit your favourite/best army.

    Once you really get those ideas, it only takes a few seconds to rule out a lot of army options. Picking the best one and how to fine tune it though, can take longer.
    SuperFinch my friend, thank you for the support and suggesting my channel. I hope youíre well buddy! I completely agree Iíd suggest starting with one army and really try to work that heavily and chose bases for that. You then have a strategy to fall back on as you experiment to learn others. I tend to recommend a heavy kill squad when starting out because itís easier to understand the fundamentals and you can also then still use them skills when setting up other finishing armies. Best of luck!

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    This is my quick three step guide to determining army composition:

    1. Export defending base and your army levels to third party
    2. Run sim 100k times
    3. Go with the plan with highest prob of 3 star

    Next question?!

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    Always useful to watch opposition war attacks on your own teams bases (the success and failures) to see if certain strategies did well on your team mates bases.

    a lot of wars youíll see very similar bases on each side so see what did well against them and practise in friendly challenges.

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    I usually try out new army composition in friendly challenges

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