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Thread: Foxes on Farm

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    I hate the foxes. Iím OCD about it. They carry fleas, ticks, rabies, and vermin. Why else would they stop to scratch themselves every 10 seconds? I have walls and fencing up and down the roads to keep them out.

    It seems to work pretty good, except once in a while my truck will about run one over in the middle of the road, and it runs and scoots through the fence. Then I have to stop, move fences and crops around and tap them over and over to coax them back out to the road where they evaporate. Then move all the crops and fencing to seal it back up.

    Back to game play, my farm is now safe again.

    i canít help it. Sorry, theyíre a menace.

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    I hate the frogs and the foxes. I just chase them off.

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