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Thread: Active lvl 15 Adult War Clan EXPANDING. LF new CLANMATES or possible MERGE to us!

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    Active lvl 15 Adult War Clan EXPANDING. LF new CLANMATES or possible MERGE to us!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the War Mastas (#9YQRYJLV)!

    Are you guys tired of searching for clans not meeting your requirements? Come give us a try, we will not dissapoint you!

    History of War Mastas

    Even before this clan were created, we had a clan called Clash Mastas. Not sure which date it was created (around 2012), but the purpose of that clan was to have nice, friendly, active adults who just loved to clash.

    When the War System came to Clash of Clans, we noticed we had some problems we needed to address. There are people who just wants to have a good time and chill clashing, and there are those who wants to kill it in war.

    October 2014 is the month we decided to create War Mastas, for those who wanted to war and develop in this game. The time went by, and by that time, Clash Mastas died out. The loyal members from Clash Mastas were welcome to War Mastas and it started to sink us down as a War clan.

    War Mastas Today

    Today we are about 30 loyal member from all over the world - from Europe, to Asia to the U.S. Of these 30 loyal members, we are around 15-20 members waring continuosly with new members.

    General information about War Mastas and what we are looking for

    A clean lvl 15 Clan with a winrate of 75% from 463 wars!

    Clan games has never been an issue for us, we kill it in max 2-3 days!

    We are currently stuck in Crystal League l, mostly because we lack TH 11-12 joining us for CWL.

    With people from all over the world, we make sure we have online players 24/7. This gives us the oppertunity to never leave a request of troops open!

    We are respectful, we help eachother out to get stronger and develop as a team as much as an individual.

    Share replays, challenge your teammates, recognize your mistake and learn from it - nobody is perfect. Most importantly, appriciate what you get and be thankful!

    Outside clash of clans, we have a social media app called WhatsApp. Here we can contact eachother if needed for just anything (A selfie is obligatory to join us there! ).

    We are looking for members with a townhall 10+. If you are lower than 10, active, waring and meeting up all the other requirements, it can be discussable.

    A possible merge to our clan can be discussed and handled. If you are up to 15 players who wants to merge up, simply just send me a message and we can talk about it.

    If you are looking for a new home and friends, willing to learn, war, join us for clan games and CWL, you might just have come to the right place!

    If I have missed anything, or if you have just any question, don't hesitate to contact me!
    Otherwise, just send us a request to join with the message "I'm not a goat♥♥♥♥er". ..Yes, im serious!

    Thanks, and hope to see you clashing!

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    Bumping the thread!

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