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Thread: Future Valley Daily Missions

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    Future Valley Daily Missions

    So I noticed our daily missions at the valley don't have a lot of variety. How about we recommend some daily missions which the Hay Day Team might see and use it for the next season 😉

    My request would be:
    - produce 4x cream (10 suns)
    - produce 4x brown sugar (10 suns)
    - and more productions daily missions like this which we do gladly because we need those basic items like for everything 😄
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    I think this would be a great idea. Most likely, they wouldn't give us as many as 10 sun for that, but it would still help to bump up the economy in the game. I've seen so many more fish and feathers and good crops in the paper since those tasks made an appearance.

    The other day I had this set of tasks: 10x carrots for 1 sun, feed 5-10x chickens for 1 sun, feed 1 goat for 2 sun. It took FOREVER to get suns. I went on the game probably 50x over the day and couldn't even reach the 200 sun goal.

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