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Thread: Dead Forums

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    Dead Forums

    Hi Clashers & Clan Leaders

    I'm just putting follow a question, that I probably know the answer to but will hopefully create some stimulation from Supercell:

    Why are the two forums "I need a Clan" and"Looking for Clanmates" so dead of late?

    As a Clan, Leader & CO Leaders, we are not interested in the other social media platforms reddit & discord to gain Clashers. We like to stay within COC's own contact methods of Global and Supercell Forums.

    While a majority of Clans use reddit & discord, we believe a lot of Clashers are losing interest in them because of some of the toxic environments within which means some peeps many be losing interest in COC.

    While the old days saw the pages of the forum roll like a scroll page, now at times it is like a ghost town.

    We would like to see a balance return to the forums but how this is to be achieve we are unsure.

    Keep on Clashing
    Good Luck & Good Hunting


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    It’s certainly been “Quieter of Late” But I wouldn’t say they were Dead.

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    Quite yeah but other platforms just add on to the the recruitment load, if that's they way you want to go about it then by all means do it.

    Global has it moments I think.

    Tho scoial aspect of the game is dying, active clans are less or younger, myself struggled with a rebirth so now just chill with ten accounts and dead or half dead elders.. it is what it is man.

    P.s. if interested in a rebirth pm me. ��
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamou View Post

    Tho scoial aspect of the game is dying
    I wouldn't say so. My clan is more active than ever. It's true tho that the game has players going inactive more than before, and less people starting to play. But that just means that the more active clans will attract even more people when they notice their own clan touched by grim reaper of inactivity. I've gotten several members like that in recent times. Like KoRn says, it's evolution, just evolution!

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