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Thread: Rate my base please

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    Rate my base please

    My base is a rushed th10 can you rate it and suggest some changes

    I really want to get lots of trophies 🏆
    And get to a good league

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    If you're a TH10 worry less about trophies and more about leveling. Farming and trophies don't usually go hand in hand unless you're a TH12.

    As for rating your base that's going to be a subjective thing since everyone plays differently, but you're a TH10 with TH6 walls, single digit heroes, no DE troops research done, and virtually all of your Elixir research has been neglected including spells.

    It's going to be a solid 2 from me.

    It's going to take you longer to fix this base than it would to just start over in my opinion.
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    I'm going to be honest with you, man. Your base sucks. But, if you have patience, there can be some salvation to it... I've seen you have already unlocked miners, so you might wanna use them to farm and upgrade your village as a whole... Get those miners to lvl 3 as fast as possible and your life as a rushed town hall 10 will get easier.

    My Advice for upgrading troops so you can start farming for trophies: Miners to 3, Healers to 4, Heal to 7, Rage to 5...
    Also, start upgrading your heroes, especially your Archer Queen.

    Good luck!
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