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Thread: I need a good trophy base for town hall 10

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    I need a good trophy base for town hall 10

    Iím looking for a good trophy base for th10 since Iím pushing to titan league

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    First off, good luck on reaching titan! I would try but I have a fear of eagles.

    Base design isnt isn’t as important as attacking well is. Everyone in my league of 100 has less than 5 attacks won (except the first guy but he’s a maxed th12 so he doesn’t count). Though I do find an anti 3 star base works rather well. My base hasn’t been 3 starred very often, it’s a modified donut base. It’s here: Idk if it’ll work but give it a shot!

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    if anyone is interested in clash base links
    , here is an app with 500+ base links for all Townhalls
    android :
    ios :
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