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Thread: Attacking Without BK/GW in Legends?

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    Attacking Without BK/GW in Legends?

    Hello, its been a while since I have posted on these forums. My main account is currently a th12 in legends league, and I am planning on keeping my GW/BK constantly upgrading now that my queen is max.

    My current armies that I have max are pebobat, miners and lalo. (most of my spells are maxed out too)

    If you have any advice on what armies to use to break even and stay in legends league, please let me know. Thank you!

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    Im in a similar position where my Queen is maxed and Ive started to push King and Warden upgrades now, whilst sitting in low legends.

    I switch between pekkabobat and edragloon. Warden ability is greatly missed but I can still grab 2 stars most attacks.

    Get yourself a decent base to prevent the 3stars and you should be good to stay in low legends at least.

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    Simple. 25 max hogs, 20 max miners, edrag, loon. 2 heal, 1 rage, 4 bats, 1 freeze. CC wall wrecker, Pekka ice golem, rage.

    Drop loon for air mines on either corner followed by edrag. Drop wrecker in the middle followed by a line of miners with a line of hogs behind them. Pretty much spam, but it's a sure 2 star.

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    I'm using dragloon clone and just using aq to funnel one side or sometimes to preclear storages from the direction I want to attack from. 7 drags, rest loons, 2 clone, 2 freeze, 2 haste, eq, cc rage and cc air (loons plus something else). It's a stronger attack when warden is up (to keep loons alive over the exploding GT) but it still works for getting 2 stars plus a bunch of storages even without him.

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    I've been using 7 edrags, 14 loons, cc battle blimp with loons/rage, 3 rage, 1 clone, 1 freeze, 1 poison. I use my BK or AQ, whatever isn't upgrading, to funnel a corner. I drop a loon and use an edrag to funnel another corner. Drop remaining troops loons first in the middle. I use the blimp last to target the town hall. I'll drop a rage and freeze on the town hall to make sure I get the town hall down. You'll get two stars and average mid 50 to mid 60s percentage.

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