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    I want to get in touch with the company about a new game mode

    Hello, good morning, the idea is how can I help the company. I have the idea of ​​a new game mode for the franchise clash of clans, in its principle is to diffuse the game with soccer (or handball), yes even these two totally different modalities. The idea is to put 11 normal players on the football field and add the creatures of the game, summoning them on the field making great combinations and so on, to become a dynamic game that everyone would be interested in. I had this idea during a dream and I am willing to explain more about my project if they contact me. Thank you for your attention and have a great day.

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    Supercell's contact details are readily available on their website -

    This is a player forum for discussion of existing games so any SC development staff are unlikely to see your idea (which you have just shared btw)


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