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Thread: Rushed to O.T.T.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    People have been reporting O.T.TO unlock progress in this thread ==>

    I have 40 minutes to go, then my BM will be Level 29, have a Hammer ready to use immediately for Level 30, and O.T.T.O unlock.
    how long has this taken you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crashorcrans View Post
    Yeah, I don't buy that. Emphasize the word YEARS. I see people who play this game with maxed out BB and TH13 that haven't been "members" for more than 8 months. Most of these people are the one's who have nicknames you need Google Translate to figure out their Arabic, Chinese, or whatever Middle Eastern country they're from. If they're not buying gems, they suck off their clan members getting defenses and hitting the lower bases in the Clan Wars, collecting their winnings, then buying all these "Potions and Books" to go 'click, click, click' to get their Battle Machine to 30 and all their defenses to 18's. When you battle them, their BB looks like it just started with Level 5 walls and the majority of their other buildings just starting out, but you end up in a 100% draw because they have a BM 30 and an 18 of whatever their using for attacks. I've been playing this game for YEARS and my Home Base still has Level 7 walls (walls are the biggest waste of resources in this game). I refuse to donate a nickel to this game, but I just shake my head when I see these people who obviously are buying their way through the game brag about how fast they've completed some task.
    Outside of "buying gems' the rest simply isnt true. There is no collecting clan members winnings for your own base. Sounds to me like you don't really know how to play.

    I have a second account that has 80% of defenses maxed (th12) (not walls but all are at least Th11 walls), maxed Queen, 1 level to go on Warden, 10 levels to go on King, 75% of lab done, and down to 6 walls in BB and that will be a max 9. And i've never spent a dime on this account, and have had it around 3 years. And sometimes I go days without playing because i don't exactly need it.

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