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    I got banned for showing Ajax my new recruitment tool.

    I will miss you guys even more than I miss 80's movies and Skinny Jeans

    When you think about how absurdly self-indulgent, irritating and smug I can be I have decided to say goodbye with what I would consider a reasonably succinct and brief post....okay...maybe not brief, or succinct, but it does at least have paragraphs.

    I have decided after much though to step down as a Forum Moderator.

    I meant every word of the title of the thread and I have enjoyed enormous fun stalking these forums for well over the 5 or so years I have actually been a member here. I have met 1000's of witty, interesting, funny Clashers, and Lach, and I have even enjoyed the interaction with angry Clashers too because their passion is worn firmly on their sleeves even when I disagree with them on how they use their keyboards.
    I did ask Darian to reinstate Town Hall sniping for a day, then take it away again, just so I could taste the open warfare and fields of bloodshed your poor moderators had to wade through in 2015 but he felt it was unnecessary and was akin to torturing ants with a magnifying glass and refused - coward.

    One of my favourite aspects of Clashing has been having the privilege of darkening the doorsteps of literally hundreds of forum clans and I have enjoyed every forum event set up by those fine people at FEPA who should be applauded and appreciated for all of the amazing effort they put in to make this place more than just a message board.

    I honestly wouldn't change a minute of it.

    I have been unbelievably fortunate enough to have visited Supercell and seen first hand where, and how, they do what keeps us all glued to tablets and phones, as well as meeting some of the awesome staff they have there, walking around shoeless, eating Pizza, and making me realise why I should have paid way more attention in School. I will never forget the sight of a tray of Granny Slippers.

    I will miss my fellow Mods immensely. They are all very good and decent people, and give up a lot of their own free time to try and make your forum experience fun. You may not always agree with them, or even like them at times, but you should always appreciate them. They are like vegetables. Can't live with 'em, Can't avoid strokes without em.

    I am not dying, I have not been sent to prison for excessive sarcasm and I have not been extradited to a penal colony (also know as Australia) for insulting Trump. I have simply decided to take a well earned break from the forums and leave it to my far more capable and tech savvy colleagues to mind the store.

    I am 100% certain that during a rare spare moment at work I will still drop in and indulge myself with a spot of forum fury because nothing makes you appreciate your life more than watching other people rant about theirs. I also promise you that for the rest of my life I will remember the young man who created a horde of forum accounts all with an insult derived from the word 'Holps.' Is there any higher form of flattery? If only he knew that his meltdown still warrants me telling the story over a beer with friends years later then I am sure he would appreciate that his efforts were not in vain. I so wish I could share some of the amazing insults he came up with because they were truly inspirational. The problem is if I did Ajax would certainly ban me.

    Value the staff that love this place as much as you do and treat them accordingly. They do not have to come here to discuss the games we love and they do not even have to let you have this playground to argue in. They do it because they want to, so disagree with them all you like, but try to do it with respect.

    Finally you should be nicer to each other and always value debate and discussion that doesn't turn into hate and bile. If you have learned anything from watching the world pass us all by the in the last few years it is how destructive it is to the human spirit if you spend all of your time looking for reasons, people, threads and comments to attack and destroy. I have always tried to add something of value and while I have no doubt I have failed as much as I have succeeded we should at least try....

    As I ride my tired horse off into the forum sunset I'll leave you with a quote from the greatest man that ever lived that you should keep in mind every time an update drops -

    “Things change. They always do, it’s one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort.”

    See ya..Stay Frosty.
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