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    Thanks for your service, Holps. See ya around.

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    Good luck with what the future holds. Thank you for all you have done

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    I feel a bit like the lady with the white spots on her glasses.

    Thanks for all, Cowboy
    Hope to see you around ........ at least ingame sometimes.
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    I used to be sarcastic when I was younger ...... Now it turned to solid cynicism.

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    GJ and GL for your future endeavours

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    All the best Holps, appreciate your contribution
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    Oh wow.

    Always hate when a legend walks out the door.

    Even when they come in for the games and sit in the stands, it's never quite the same.

    Always enjoyed your style. I genuinely believe I was not the only one that clicked on closed threads that I had no interest in, except you were the last comment noted so I knew a witticism would be slipped in there.

    While most of us are silly souls for the time we spend in the game and in the forums, I like to think of clash as my hobby and so feel no regrets for my time spent here.

    You added much to the experience here, and while we have never spoken here, you were noticed and appreciated. Thank you, Holps for all you did here.

    I am genuinely saddened at your post.

    Clash on, and clash well.
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    The bright colors of the rainbow

    I know the feeling. Regardless of whether you are allergic to cat or lv1 cannon, I will hug you tightly.
    Have a well deserved break. By definition, "break" implies a continuation later, right ?

    Meowly yours,
    -- meonhoc

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    never got to meet you in clans except fleetingly (after herd was no more and before it came back) and I hope to see you around in times to come and events etc. But that aside, your efforts here on the forums have been outstanding. Many thanks for doing this through thick and thin

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    We’ll miss you Holps! All the best for your future! Thanks for all you’ve done!

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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    A while back, I posted on a thread asking players about their first post/thread experiences. I said (jokingly, but still true) that I was not allowed to discuss my first thread, but that I was allowed to remain on the forum. I still appreciate that Mr. Holps! Best of luck to you and a sincere thank you for the years you have given to this forum! Enjoy your ride off into the sunset.
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